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Data Collection

Milne Technologies provides full hydroacoustic surveying services both domestically and internationally. We use state-of-the-art hardware and technology to provide the quality data necessary to make scientifically rigorous assessments of aquatic organisms, substrate, and habitat.

Special applications available include:
   •  shallow water horizontal surveying
   •  zooplankton community assessment
   •  side-scan, multibeam, and biotelemetry projects

We are also available to assist you in survey design and hardware training to provide you the skills needed to collect acoustic data on your own.

Data Processing

Do you have your own data? Milne Technologies can process, analyze, and summarize your acoustic data or the data we collect for you using the latest in echo-processing, GIS, and  3D visualization software. 

Specialized Software Packages

Echoview Software Pty Ltd. Echoview® Hydroacoustic Processing Software - Echo integration, echo counting, fish track detection, schools analysis, bathymetry, substrate and submerged macrophyte mapping, multi-frequency analysis, horizontal beaming surveys.


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