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What is ARIS & DIDSON?

ARIS (Adaptive Resolution Imaging Sonar) and it's predecessor, DIDSON (Dual-frequency IDentification SONar) have been referred to as an "acoustic camera" because of the near video-quality images they produce using very high frequency sound  waves. Both sonars can be deployed in shallow waters, where traditional sonars have more difficulty, and they allow the user to visualize fish targets with near video quality below the water's surface.

What can ARIS & DIDSON be used for?

ARIS and DIDSON have many applications in fisheries and aquatic science. It can be used for enumerating and measuring indivudual fish passing through streams, fish ladders, and other areas of interest and for identifying bottom features and habitat. Using ARIS and DIDSON, Milne Technologies has helped clients count fish, including sturgeon, migrating upstream, and view underwater nets to ensure proper deployment and to quantify escapement.

Visit the manufacturer's website for further information about DIDSON technology and its applications. 

Services that Milne Technologies provides related to ARIS and DIDSON:
   •  Purchasing or leasing of appropriate equipment depending on project scope and objectives
   •  On-site set-up and deployment of equipment
and project maintencence
   •  Develop scientifically rigorous study design in consulation with client

   •  Detailed analysis of data including automated enumuration and measurement of fish targets
   •  Written report including publication-quality methods, results and recomendations for future projects


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